Wagler Competition Products has responded to the market’s need for stronger control arms in DURAMAX-powered trucks. As a result, Wagler Competition Products has teamed up with RideTech Air Ride Technologies to manufacture heavy duty upper control arms for the 1996-2006 GM 2500HD. Don’t risk breaking your ball joint with stock control arms; Choose the premium ball joint with a shortened arm to allow more negative camber adjustments.

Air Ride Technologies’ design and production team worked with Wagler’s group to create a top-of-the-line product. The new, heavy duty upper control arms help prove that Wagler Competition Products is the world leader in DURAMAX performance. This collaboration shows Wagler’s efforts in offering modern technology while pushing the limits of standard high-performance diesel products.

Due to the accuracy and detailed attention Wagler gives its products, these new heavy duty upper control arms for the 1996-2006 GM 2500HD will be available for pre-order on May 1, 2019 with a lead time of approximately 4-6 weeks.

1996-2006 GM 2500HD Upper Control Arm Features Include:

• Heavy duty Howe low friction ball joint

• The stud on the Howe ball joint doesn’t neck down like the stock ball joint stud does (break point)

• Changed ballpoint angle to allow more droop without going into ball joint bind (ball joint was shifted 8deg up)

• Shortened arm by .125” to allow more negative camber adjustment

• Max achievable camber specs -2.0deg +1.65deg

• Upgraded to self-lubricating Delrin bushings – stops the deflection that the rubber bushings have and completely reduces restriction

• MIG welded in fixture for consistency

• Tubular construction – 1.50 OD X .188 wall DOM tube

For additional information on the new heavy duty upper control arms for the 1996-2006 GM 2500HD, please visit WaglerCompetition.com or call 812-636-0391.