Wagler Competition Products and EZ LYNK (Critical Mass Motorsports) put a lot of hard work into creating the screw-blown DX500L-powered 1937 Chevy Coupe Pro Mod, and when the soot cleared, a worthy name for the coupe eluded them. That’s when they turned to the heart and soul of diesel motorsports, the fans, for help. Many great suggestions were submitted, yet one fan, in particular, hit the “screw” right on the head with “Screwed Coupe.”

Ashley Hire of Lafayette, TN was the mastermind of the catchy name and we want to give our thanks and congratulations, and a $1,000 for the trouble.

Get ready to see that newly dubbed “Screwed Coupe” for the 2018 racing season and various diesel and gas drag racing events. Several appearances at Lyons Raceway Park is a safe bet since it’s CMM’s home track. Follow Critical Mass Motorsports on Facebook to get more info.