ODON, Indiana – The new Wagler S-series (Street) & X-series (Extreme) cylinder heads for GM Duramax diesels are now available directly from Wagler Competition Products. The new custom-built high performance heads are the first of its kind in the diesel aftermarket world, according to Jeremy Wagler, president and CEO of Wagler Competition. The heads are a direct factory bolt-on item, with no modifications required for installation.

“These heads represent many hours of fine-tuning in design and production, and are already attracting considerable attention from competition-focused diesel owners,” said Wagler. The CEO noted that formal dyno trials are “on deck,” but current estimates in horsepower increases come from measured results taken from cylinder heads installed on competition vehicles.

“We’re estimating a 200-300 horsepower jump on higher horsepower engines from these redesigned heads over current modified GM production heads,” Wagler said. The heads fit GM Duramax engines built from 2001-Current and do not require modifications. “Based on our in-vehicle trials and races, we expect this number to increase with the correct engine package and final tuning.”

The new Wagler S & X-Series cylinder heads are cast by Brodix and produced from virgin A356 aluminum. Wagler Competition performs final assembly in-house, including 5-Axis CNC porting offered on the X-series (Extreme) Heads for competition vehicles. Wagler S-series (Street) Heads are assembled for a factory replacement for consumers with daily driven Duramax engines, but want increased performance.

Other unique features for new Wagler heads include stainless steel intake valves, Inconel exhaust valves, bronze valve guides, hardened ductile valve seats, titanium retainers, beehive springs, and a thicker deck surface than stock. A moved valve centerline in the new castings allows for larger valves and valve unshrouding, which improves performance. Wagler said that his design provides “vastly increased flow and swirl numbers over competing heads.”

Wagler Competition Products is currently developing and testing new products that will match their cylinder heads and are planning a line of cylinder heads for other diesel engines. Also in the works is a series of kits for tuning competitive and street diesels. The firm also offers custom valve train packages.

All Wagler S & X-Series heads are available by order through the company’s Web site: www.waglercompetition.com and by phone: (812) 636-0391. Arrangements are also in process for the heads to be made available through area distributors.

About Wagler Competition Products:
Based out of Odon, IN, Wagler Competition Products was founded in 2011 and has been setting the standard and pushing the limits in diesel performance ever since! Parts offerings include Duramax cylinder heads, intakes, intercooler piping, hardcore engine parts and components including pushrods and rotating assemblies, and so much more. For more information, visit online at www.WaglerCompetition.com and “like” Wagler Competition Products on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WaglerCompetitionProducts.