EZ LYNK AutoAgent™

EZ LYNK AutoAgent™


The EZ LYNK AutoAgent™ is the future of vehicle diagnostics and control. EZ LYNK’s cloud based technology makes it the world’s most powerful vehicle communication tool that puts your technician in the front seat at all times. It’s as EZ as 123 and 4:

 1. Plug into ODB-II

 2. Connect via wifi

 3. LYNK with technician

 4. Diagnose and control

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Unlock your vehicles full potential with our road and race track proven tunes. Wagler Competition has partnered with Critical Calibration, INC to bring you the best products and support you can buy. We have personally used the same hardware and software you see here in our vehicles on the road and on the track!


  • Cloud Based Technology – The days of emailing pre-packaged files, loading SD cards with unverified data, and using PCs to troubleshoot simple issues are over. Data is synced automatically from the cloud.
  • Complete Control – The power of the AutoAgent™ is unrivaled. Using data customized and shared by your technician you can unleash the full potential of your vehicle with the tap of a finger.
  • Real-Time Communication  – Never spend a day without your vehicle while your technician tries to recreate a problem. Send recorded datalogs and apply vehicle adjustments that are received in real-time.
  • Automatic Firmware Updates – Receive AutoAgent™ and vehicle firmware updates automatically as they are released. Stay up to date with the latest in available technology.





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